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Why Ice-9?

Worlds fastest, easiest, and most profitable headlight restoration system. 

 Liquid Titanium Technology



As a business owner, what if you could dramatically increase your profit margins without acquiring any new customers or spending any additional money on advertising, with almost zero labor cost, while at the same time increasing customer satisfaction and building customer loyalty to your business? 


The Ice-9 Headlight Restoration System is a game changer that will do all of the above. Guaranteed. Simply offer the Ice-9 headlight restoration service to every customer who needs it. It,s just that simple. Incorporating the new Ice-9 Headlight Restoration System into your current auto dealership service department, auto repair shop, tire shop, auto glass shop, tint shop, quick oil change shop, car wash or auto detailing business will generate an extra $12,790.00 to $51,160.00 of profit per year, per location without acquiring any new customers or spending any additional money on advertising, with almost zero labor cost. Restoring one set of headlights takes only 10 minutes. Restoring only 1 set of headlights per day means $12,789.00 per yr in profit. Restoring 2 sets per day means $25,578.00 per yr in profit. Restoring 3 sets per day means $38,368.00 per yr in profit. Restoring 4 sets per day means $51,160.00 per yr in profit.


With inflation rates higher than they have been in 40 years with no end in sight, profits are under pressure from every side, for every business. Even in good economic times, every business needs at least one or two relatively low ticket, high profit, cross selling products or services. Cross selling is simply offering a current customer another related product or service in addition to their primary purchase. The key to successful cross selling is to offer your customer a genuinely valuable product. When offered a genuinely valuable product or service,  your customers actually appreciate the fact that you offered it to them and it actually creates brand loyalty to your business. Loyal, repeat customers spend anywhere from 2 to 5 times as much as a first time customer.


Clouded, hazy headlights only generate about 20% to 30% of the light that they should, creating a major safety hazard. Not only does headlight restoration instantly improve the appearance & re-sale value of your customers vehicle, it is also an instant safety upgrade that improves your customers night vison and visiblity which allows your customer to see better at night and helps other drivers see them better. A headlight restoration can also save your customer hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars vs replacement. By simply pointing these benefits out to a customer and making a restoration available, on average, 1 out of 2 people will say yes. 


One out of every three cars on the road today actually needs a headlight restoration. The problem is that it is  impossible to make a profit restoring headlights the old fashioned way. Why? Because among other things it requires tapeing off the headlights and sanding and buffing the lights with multiple grits of sand paper. It is extremely time, labor, and product intensive. It also creates a health hazard by slinging poly-carbonate dust particles in the air. It is very inefficient from a business standpoint.


In order for headlight restoration to work for your business, the entire restoration process needs to be relatively fast, high profit, with low labor cost, and it needs to actually deliver what it promises. That's why the Ice-9 headlight restoration kit was created. The Ice-9 system does all 4 of those things. There is no other  headlight restoration system or product on the market that delivers like the Ice-9 system. The Ice-9 system is the fastest, easiest, and most profitable way in the world to restore headlights.


Amazingly, our Ice-9 Headlight Restoration system offers professional, long lasting headlight restoration results in only 

1o minutes or less. Our proprietary polycarbonate cleaner and oxidation remover safely removes oxidation, haze, and yellowing from headlights, fog lights, tail lights, auxiliary lights, and other plastic lenses. Once clean, our cross-linked, titanium infused, UV protective coating can keep lights clear for up to 2 years.  As an authorized installer, we warranty all of your restorations for 12 months.


Again, 1 out of 3 cars on the road needs a headlight restoration. Since those cars are already coming through your shop on a daily basis, what that means for you is that you can instantly start generating thousands of dollars of additional profits  without acquiring any additional customers or spending any more advertising dollars. An Ice-9 headlight restoration is a relatively low ticket service, with high profit margins and almost zero labor cost.


The Ice-9 headlight restoration system is quickly becoming the #1 cross selling item for many auto related businesses nationwide and currently being used by Toyota, Subaru, Kia, Chevrolet, and Honda to name a few. 

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